Saturday, October 24, 2009

sad news

A few weeks ago when my dad came home from work he had us all sit down on the couch. Then he told us that we had to move to Colorado or else he will lose his job. I was so upset when he said that. I do not want to leave all the things i know. I know that i will make new friends in Colorado and i will get used to it, but at least we will get a bigger house:)

High School

Well I have started high school and is harder than i thought. At first thought i would never get used to it, but i did. I have "ok" grades, but i need to work harder to bring them up because i know i can do better. Of course when the weekends come i am happy. When the weekends come we try to go shooting unless we have things to do. Last weekend I went camping at Calico Ghost Town with the Boy Scouts and i had a great time.